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Smart Construction Lab at Ajou University 


The Smart Construction Lab (SCL) at Ajou University aims to understand and manage the dynamicity and complexity in construction projects through advanced technologies such as wearables, sensors, data analytics, computer simulations, and automation. Particularly, SCL is interested in understanding how humans in construction perceive, interact with, make decisions, and behave in the construction project and finding a better way to design, construct, operate, and maintain facilities. If you have an interest in working with SCL, please contact Director, Prof. Byungjoo Choi (  

Recent News

  • Feb 2024: Journal paper by Baek, J., Kim, D., and Choi, B. "Deep Leaning-based Productivity Monitoring for On-site Module Installation in Off-site Construction" was accepted by Developments in Built Environment.

  • Feb 2024: Journal paper by Moon, S., Kim, S., and Choi, B. "Comparative Feasibility Study of Physiological Signals from Wristband-Type Wearable Sensors to Assess Occupatns' Thermal Comfort" was accepted by Energy and Buildings.

  • Feb 2024: Prof. Choi has been selected to receive an outstanding research award from the College of Engineering at Ajou University.

  • Jan 2024: Jae Hyun joined SCL as an undergraduate research student. Welcome!

  • Dec 2023: Journal paper by Kim, Y., Choi, B., Choi, M., Ahn, S., and Hwang, S. "Enhancing Pedestrian Perceived Safety through Walking Environment Modification Considering Traffic and Walking Infrastructure" was accepted by Frontiers in Public Health.

  • Dec 2023: We are pleased to announce the public dissemination of our research on the economy of modular construction through a featured article in the esteemed  Daehan Economic News. Read the full story: 

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