Smart Construction Lab at Ajou University 


The Smart Construction Lab (SCL) at Ajou University aims to understand and manage the dynamicity and complexity in construction projects through advanced technologies such as wearables, sensors, data analytics, computer simulations, and automation. Particularly, SCL is interested in understanding how humans in construction perceive, interact with, make decisions, and behave in the construction project and finding a better way to design, construct, operate, and maintain facilities. If you have an interest in working with SCL, please contact Director, Prof. Byungjoo Choi (  

Recent News

  • Jun 2021: Journal paper by Lee, M., Hwang, S., Park, Y., and Choi, B. on "Factors Affecting Bike-sharing System Demand by Inferred Trip Purpose: Integration of Clustering of Travel Patterns and Geospatial Data Analysis" was accepted by the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation.

  • Jun 2021: Journal paper by Lee, G., Choi, B., Jebelli H., and Lee, S. on "Assessment of construction workers’ perceived risk using physiological data from wearable sensors: A machine learning approach " was accepted by the Journal of Building Engineering.

  • Apr 2021: Prof. Choi has been selected as a 2020 Outstanding Reviewer for the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.

  • Mar 2021: Seunghyun joined as an undergraduate research student. Welcome!

  • Dec 2020: Journal paper by Nam, S., Yoon, J., Kim, K., and Choi, B. on "Optimization of prefabricated components in housing modular construction" was accepted from Sustainability.