Smart Construction Lab at Ajou University 


The Smart Construction Lab (SCL) at Ajou University aims to understand and manage the dynamicity and complexity in construction projects through advanced technologies such as wearables, sensors, data analytics, computer simulations, and automation. Particularly, SCL is interested in understanding how humans in construction perceive, interact with, make decisions, and behave in the construction project and finding a better way to design, construct, operate, and maintain facilities. If you have an interest in working with SCL, please contact Director, Prof. Byungjoo Choi (  

Recent News

  • May 2022: Journal paper by Shin, J. and Choi, B. "Design and Implementation of Quality Information Management System for
    Modular Construction Factory" was accepted by the Buildings.

  • May 2022: Journal paper by Kim, T., Park, S., Choi, B., Kang, Y., Park, K., Jeong W., and Koo C. "A Survey of Perception Differences Among University Students, Professors, and Practitioners on the Construction Technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution" was accepted by the Korean Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.

  • May 2022: Jae Suk and Jongyeon have been selected to receive a scholarship for the Industry 4.0 Smart Production Project from the College of Engineering at Ajou University.

  • Apr 2022: Prof. Choi has been selected as an Assistant Specialty Editor in the Organizational Issues Area in the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.

  • Apr 2022: SCL joined the "Ajou Premier 10" research project funded by Ajou University.

  • Mar 2022: SCl Joined the "Development of a digital safety watch system for deteriorated buildings in the regional areas " research project funded by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport of Korea