Wearable Sensors Based Construction Safety and Health Management

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Excessive physical demands of construction tasks and poor work conditions at construction sites raise the potential risk of workers’ physical and mental health. This study investigates how workers’ physiological sensory data acquired from the wearable devices can be used to understand workers’ physical and mental status (e.g., physical demands and mental stress). Also, the sensory data are incorporated into the BIM-oriented environment to visualize project information as well as to support decision making to improve workers’ safety and health.

Human Behaviors in Construction Projects


Due to the complexity and dynamicity of construction projects, construction projects are very difficult to standardize. In this regard, humans will still have a central role in the construction project even if advanced technologies or management practices are adopted. As such, this study aims to understand how humans in construction perceive, interact with, make decisions, and behave in the construction projects and finding a better way to design, construct, operate, and maintain facilities and infrastructure systems using advanced technologies.

Personalized Smart Building System for Improving Occupants’ Well-being

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A smart building refers to “any infrastructure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and other systems” using sensors and diverse building automation technologies. This study aims to develop a personalized smart building system that considers each occupants’ real comforts by combining their physiological sensory data with the building environmental conditions.

Simulation of Construction Operation Systems


Integrating computer simulation methods (e.g., Agent-Based Modeling (ABM), Discrete Event Simulation (DES), and System Dynamics (SD)) enable us to create a synergy to understand complex phenomena in the construction project and to support effective decision making.

Research Projects

  • Project management consulting for remodelling Centum Sensivill Apartment Project (센텀 센시빌 아파트 리모델링주택사업 사업관리 기술용역), 고산도시개발 주식회사, 2021,.07 ~ 2023.12

  • Development of off-site construction technologies for precast concrete apartment housing production system (Off-Site Construction 기반 공동주택 생산시스템 혁신 기술개발), 국토교통부, 2020. 06 ~

  • Development of low cost and high-efficiency technologies for vertical extension of residential buildings (저비용 고효율의 노후 공동주택 수직증축 리모델링 기술개발 및 실증), 국토교통부, 2020. 06 ~ 

  • Construction Risk Monitoring Platform Using Collective Sensing of Wearable Bio Sensors (웨어러블 센서 집단감지 기반 건설 현장 위험 모니터링 플랫폼 개발), 한국연구재단, 2020. 03 ~ 

  • Technical Development of Modular Construction in Mid-high Rise Building and Higher Productivity (모듈러 건축 중고층화 및 생산성 향상 기술개발), 국토교통부, 2020. 01 ~

  • Smart Construction Safety Management System (ICT 기반 스마트 건설안전관리 시스템), 아주대학교, 2019. 05 ~

  •  Investigation of the effects of Project Identification on Construction Workers' Safety Participation (건설 작업자 안전 참여 행동에 대한 프로젝트 정체성 영향 연구), 아주대학교, 2020. 09 ~ 2021.08

  • Productivity and economic improvement of smart factory technology-based HSA400/PosMAC applied modular building construction (Smart Factory 기술 기반 HSA400/PosMAC 적용 모듈러 건축 공장 생산성 향상 및 경제성 확보 기술 개발),  포스코, 2020. 09 ~ 2021. 08

  • Development of a special specification and technical guideline for modular construction projects (모듈러 주택 전문시방서 및 기술지침 제정 연구 용역), 한국토지주택공사, 2020. 09 ~ 2021.01

  • Development of Standard Construction Period for Combined Cycle Power Plant Projects (발전 5사 발전플랜트 건설표준 공기 개발), 동서발전, 2019. 11 ~ 2020. 08

  • Education Program for Smart Architecture System  (스마트 건축 시스템 인재 양성 사업팀), 아주대학교, 2020. 02 ~ 2020. 08